Book Spotlight: Little Red Chair

I obviously don’t do book spotlights very often. But I recently received a submission that I feel definitely deserves some attention. So, here’s my Book Spotlight on

Little Red Chair

Little Red Chair is a story book for children written by Keith Serpa, from Encouraging Souls Records and Publishing. But it’s much more than that. There is a beautiful song, performed by the author, that accompanies this book and you can download them together as an automated digital book or purchase the printed softcover and dvd.

Little Red Chair is a unique take on traditional storytelling for kids that takes advantage of the modern age we live in. The story/song is well written and the book itself is wonderfully illustrated by Jeff Johnson, as you can see below…

Little Red Chair Spotlight

Adorned with brilliant and inspiring illustrations, Little Red Chair is a song and story about a young girl who believes in and understands the power of co-creating her reality and sets out to make magic of an ordinary day!

About the author, from the author – Keith Serpa:

As I am somewhat of an introvert, I’d always gotten the best feeling communicating through song.  Of course I didn’t share much of my passion for song writing or call myself a songwriter until years later.  My uncle Jim, the name sake of our son James http://jimmcpherson.net/home/, was an incredible writer and musician and the sole influence on myself and my 3 brothers as we grew up in the suburbs of Chicago.  He lived & worked in northern California bay area and as we much later learned, was writing and working with some of the iconic musicians of our time – including Grateful Dead drummer Micky Hart, Jefferson Starship guitarist and song writer David Freiberg, guitar legend John Cippolina and many more.  There is a quote from the revered Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter sharing how much he loved a song uncle Jim had written about our grandmother called Letter to Carmina http://www.marinij.com/lifestyles/ci_13360848. Not knowing how talented a writer our uncle was, we grew up pouring over the lyrics and music he sent us and assimilated it inside & out.  It built in us a “knowing” of what a great song looked, sounded and felt like.

Having worked in the past as a billboard erector, concrete laborer, carpenter and home remodeler, I have spent the past 11 years as the at home parent & care giver to our 2 beautiful children! We were beyond blessed to have had the circumstance to have one of us stay home with our children through their preschool years, and it made sense for me to be in that role. My work as a writer has never been richer and more personally rewarding than since our children came into our lives! I sleep like a baby – usually minutes after they go to bed.

I’ve been a songwriter since before I was 10.  Due to my uncle’s influence on me I just wrote & played what came to me; for a long time without physically writing the songs down.  My fourth grade teacher Mr Schuster at Lincoln school helped myself and bff David Shankle http://www.davidshanklegroup.com to learn guitar.  David’s father Clarence was also a guitar teacher and David quickly became an amazing player traveling the world over with a band called Manowar.  Meanwhile I sang to myself little tunes, some of which are songs I am proud of today!

Encouraging Souls Records and Publishing:

We’ve been more than fortunate to be contributors to a variety of causes including Children’s Inc, Women Helping Women, our schools & community and other organizations in need.  Encouraging Souls Records & Publishing is a little label we formed to share the story of the encouraging souls we’ve been blessed to have in our lives who have helped us along the way.  I think we all have the experience of coming across people who touch us in a way with their talents and or generosity or some form of assistance that we could not have done without.  These people make possible efforts we could have never dreamed of.  As we began to accumulate a handful of sweet little recordings, it occurred to us that this is just what was happening and we wanted to recognize these individuals and the concept of encouraging souls.  Our aim is to reach a point where we have the time & resources to seek out encouraging souls at large – you know who they are:) – and recognize them by high lighting their work in some meaningful way.  Now that our youngest is heading to first grade, the publishing of Little Red Chair is the first concerted effort to monetize my work as a writer.  We fully expect to build on this and fund this effort going forward!

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