Scattered Light – Poetic Works Available Now!

scatteredlightScattered Light, the Poetic Works of Jason JG Carnrike

The time has arrived! My collection of poetry, Scattered Light, is available today. Get your digital copy from Amazon and Barnes & Noble now. Paperback, Kobo and iTunes will be available soon.

Scattered Light is a poetry collection spanning many years and many loves, valleys of heartache, and summits of splendor.

Children’s author Jason JG Carnrike’s first collection of poetry encompasses love, loss, regret, despair and, most importantly, hope. It seeks to translate those events that make us human; unravel the emotions that make us feel. This collection embodies the human experience with passion and a genuine desire to express in the truest form.

With themes that range from love, to darkness, nature, inspiration and a few idiosyncrasies in between, Scattered Light offers a retreat from the chaos of life. And a brief glimpse into the soul of a poet.

Sample from The Ruler of All Kings

“This way.” it says,
the wind to the storm.
“You are not but swells
of anger beating on the shore.
Come with me and spill your
wrath with precision.”

“I need you not.” it bellows,
the storm to the wind.
What are you that means
to push with might you can’t
claim as your own?
I am the strength that
pounds clean the very

And the thunder clapped.
And the wind howled.

© Jason Jg Carnrike

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