A Poem a Day – Oh, Pesky Fly!

Oh, Pesky Fly!

Oh pesky fly,
you bother me so.
I swing and I swat
but still you won’t go.

You buzz in my ear
and zoom up my nose,
I smack my own knee
as you tickle my toes.

I splat you with my hand,
I splat you with a bat,
I hit you with my shoe
and even with my cat.

Nothing seems to stop you,
not even my rat,
So, I grab a guitar
and hit you with that.

I hit you with a broom,
I throw a jar of jam.
You hop through my room
so I give my door a SLAM!

But you escape me again,
you quick little bug.
So I sling out a kite
and give it a tug.

It swirls around
and takes out my lamp.
I grab it mid-air,
then trip with a cramp.

You soar around still,
you pesky little fly,
so I set out my lunch
to tempt you to try.

You land on my plate,
and nibble my food,
then you land in my drink;
this lightens my mood!

You stubborn tiny fly,
you’ve flown your last flight.
You’re stuck in my cup,
It’s useless to fight.

You let out a “buzz…!”
as your wings flap around,
then a pitiful gasp,
it’s a horrible sound.

I can take it no more,
“I’m sorry little fly!”
and I dump out my drink,
“I won’t let you die!”

You shake off the slop
with a flap and a flop,
then slurp up the mess,
every last drop.

You take off once more,
you tricky little fly,
and I swear I see you grin
from the corner of my eye.

© 2013 Jason JG Carnrike


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