Poem of the Week – I Should Not Have


The Poem of the Week comes from Josh Hamilton. It’s especially impressive because he’s only 10. Enjoy!

I Should Not Have

by Josh Hamilton

I should not have broken the glass window pane
or stolen Dad’s wallet for all my own gain,
I should not have filled those balloons with that paint
or made such a smell that my Mother would faint.
I should not have painted my brother’s face green
or eaten a whole tub of thick margarine
I should not have drawn on the living room wall,
or punched and karate kicked my Uncle Paul.
I should not have broken the new kitchen broom
or thrown our poor sausage dog right round the room.
I should not have shredded my father’s best tie
or sneaked ninety chillies in Mum’s homemade pie
I should not have thrown my Mum’s clothes in the lake
and shouldn’t have stolen that boy’s birthday cake.
I should not have done all those things that I did
You have to forgive me; I’m only a kid!

© 2013 Josh Hamilton

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