If Writers Were Cartoon Characters

cartoon characters

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As writers, we sometimes like to imagine ourselves as the embodiment of Shakespeare, or Jane Austen, or even Stephen King. But let’s face it—most times, the life of a writer is best represented by clever, kooky cartoon characters. Here are some of our favorite cartoon alter egos illustrating the unique experiences we writers regularly face.

After a late-night writing session:

tired marry bed

When someone tells you to get a “real” job:

my cat was right about you

Your reaction to a writing critique you don’t agree with:

annoyed straight face krabbs

When you get an acceptance from your favorite journal!


How you feel when a writer you admire compliments your work:


Your gut reaction when you get another rejection letter:

sad give up

When writer’s block hits:


Preparing to introduce yourself to a literary agent at a writer’s conference:

charm bomb

Having to wait three to six months for responses: 


Finding a writer friend who understands your pain:

daria friends

Not being able to remember the idea from last night because you didn’t write it down:

if you need me ill be on the floor dying

When you start editing your first draft and feel embarrassed for yourself:


How you feel after perfecting that important scene:

kuzco dance

Writer QuestionsQUESTION: Which cartoon character do you relate to the most?

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