Turn Over A New Leaf With These Autumn Writing Prompts


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Now that the lazy days of summer are over, it’s time to get back into the writing groove! Grab a glass of apple cider and find your inspiration in these visual writing prompts.

NOTE: Feel free to share what you’ve written in our comments section. Just be aware of publishing industry rules about previously published materials—most works posted online are considered previously published.


It’s the morning of her first day of school. What’s going on? What does it mean?


A child finds this picture in the attic of his/her new house, not long before Halloween. When Grandpa explains what’s in the image, what does he say?


These children in rural Idaho are waiting for a late-autumn letter. What do they hope it will say?


This talking steampunk cat has something bigger to catch than a mouse. How can this feline help save the world?


It’s a great night for a fall festival. One man has high hopes. For what?

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