Big News About Thundar the Mighty

dragon announcementThe last few weeks have been pretty busy around these parts! Me and the family spent a week down at Galveston, TX, then a couple days later I took a trip to visit some other family members for a few days, and then came the 4th of July. On top of all that, the kids are on summer vacation, so time to write and to keep things updated has been hard to come by. That being said, I do have a big announcement to make:

It looks like my first ever early chaptert book, Thundar the Mighty, is going to be published. I was recently offered a contract from an exciting and quickly rising publishing company, Nevermore Press, and have decided to accept it.

Excited face…!


Anyway, some of you may remember, I have talked about Thundar the Mighty on this blog and my facebook before and several people have inquired about when and where they can read it. Well, hopefully I’ll have an answer for that soon. In the meantime, here’s the synopsis for Thundar the Mighty

Thundar the Mighty is a great and powerful king of Astoria, most of the time. Sometimes, he is Thundar the arachnophobic, terrified of creatures with six legs. Other times, he is Thundar the queasy and gets sick at the scent of anything. Such is life when you’re a king with multiple personalities.

Thundar’s servants, lead by his caretaker, Grizzby, managed his condition quite well. They were ready for nearly any situation. Until the frightening silhouette of a dragon appeared atop the hill of Nema. Very poor timing since their king had just woke as Thundar the Timid. How could a king who is afraid of everything defend his kingdom from a dragon?

I’ll post more updates as they become available, so be sure to subscribe!

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