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face_question_markI recently began working on a new children’s story called Graveyard Rift – Secrets of Alter Earth. It is intended to be a transitional/early reader children’s book. I’m in the process of breaking down plot elements and character development and I need some help naming one of the main characters.

She is the eleven-year-old sister to the other main character, Noah. She’s a feisty, slightly eccentric girl, who has an obsession with zombies. She’s utterly convinced we’re due for a zombie apocalypse.

Here are the names that I’ve narrowed it down to:

Ezra, Chloe, Temple, Genesis, Avigail, Ashlyn, Yael, Adah and Isca

Vote in the poll below for your favorite, and don’t be afraid to leave a comment and tell me why. Voting ends Friday, May 24th.

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Your Favorite Name Is?

So, as the poll above shows, Genesis will be the name of Noah’s sister for my in development early children’s chapter book, Graveyard Rift: Secrets of Alter Earth!

Thanks to everyone for voting!

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