Introducing – Robin!

I’ve recently decided to jump onto the self publishing bandwagon. I suppose it’s more of a band-jetliner now, but you get the idea. I wasn’t enthused with the process of my 1st traditional publishing experience. It was great, overall, and I’m grateful for the opportunity, but I felt like a by-stander most of the time, until it came down to promotion; then I felt mostly alone. I had little input or control over the design or illustration process, which was the biggest problem for me. So, I have finally decided to fully embrace the self publishing revolution for my children’s series Robin and the Red Rug.

After a surprisingly exhaustive search, I hired an incredibly talented artist named Brandon Waltman. You can see some of his work here. And today, he sent me some early sketches of Robin. It’s really exciting to see a character I’ve known and pictured in my mind for years finally coming to life.

The next step is for Brandon to rough out a cover and a few sample pages to get us started, then I am going to start a campaign on kickstarter.com to help raise some funds for the project. Self-publishing a children’s picture book gets painfully expensive! I’ll be posting updates periodically here on my blog, twitter, and my facebook page.

So here’s Robin, so far. Enjoy.


Image © 2013 Jason JG Carnrike, Brandon Waltman

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