New Year, New Illustrator for Thundar

Well, it’s a new year and another new illustrator for my chapter book series The R.U.M.P Chronicles. Our favorite quirky king, Thundar the Mighty, is now officially getting to know his third artist. Well, technically she’s getting to know him and the rest of the characters in the story. Her name is Gabrielle Franchetti and from what I understand, she loves dragons. Seems like a good fit. Wim Tilkin, the second artist to join then subsequently leave, was offered a job as animation director, which he could not refuse. He laid some really nice ground work for the series, though, that we’ll try to build on.

We’re hoping to keep the design of the white dragon as close as possible to what Wim had done.


I don’t have too many more details I can share at the moment. Once I have more information or maybe some artwork, I’ll post it to my facebook page, and maybe here, as well.


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