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With Thundar the Mighty, book one in my children’s chapter book series The R.U.M.P Chronicles, hopefully getting released in June/July, here’s a short sample of what to expect:

From Chapter 9 of Thundar the Mighty Timid

  Thundar, Grizzby, and Lance dismounted from their horses and gazed up the grassy hill. The sun was bright and the sky was mostly clear. Birds flew below the thin wisps of afternoon clouds. It would have been a rare moment of peace, were it not for the fire-breathing dragon lurking at the top.

“Well, my Lord,” Grizzby began, “it seems the time is at hand. We’ll be behind you the whole way.”

Thundar looked fearfully at Grizzby. “So I’m to go first, then?” he quivered.

Lance nervously shook Thundar’s hand. “Yes, this time I do not mind going last, my lord.”

Grizzby cleared his throat and chuckled. “As I said, we’ll be right behind you.”

When Thundar reached the top of the hill, he could finally see the dragon. Even lying under the great tree, it was immense. Its bright white scales shimmered in brief patches of sunlight. It had a long tail that curved along beside it, lined with four spikes at the tip. Its massive bottom jaw had several teeth jutting up from behind its lip. It was a beautiful and terrifying creature, the likes of which Thundar had never seen.

Just as Grizzby and Lance peaked over the edge of the hill, the dragon reared its head and spewed forth a startling roar. It followed that with a wide stream of orange flame. All of them yelped in fright.

The dragon, now aware of their presence, rose to its feet and lumbered toward them. Its head swayed menacingly as it walked. Its steps shook the ground around them. As it reached nearer, its wings flapped away from its spiny back, forcing out blasts of hot air. They all, at once, drew their swords.

“It looks grumpy.” whispered Grizzby.

You can read the rest of the adventure and find out what happens when Thundar the Mighty is officially released by Nevermore Press.

Text © 2014 Jason JG Carnrike

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