The RUMP Chronicles: Thundar the Mighty New Update

I really wish this was a positive update. I really wish I was posting this as a for sure release date for my chapter book series the R.U.M.P. Chronicles: Thundar the Mighty. But if wishes were snickers, I’d have no teeth. If that makes sense….

Anywho, we have now lost our second artist for the Thundar series. I’m beginning to think our friendly, cursed King may actually be cursed. It is very disappointing because Wim Tilkin is an amazing illustrator and had already done some fantastic sketch work for the series. But, we will soldier on and begin the search for a new artist, once again. Currently, we (myself and the good folks at Nevermore Press) are waiting on test samples from another fine artist, so we’ll see how that goes. But all is not lost, there is a silver lining. Wim has graciously allowed us to use the illustrations he’s already done for the series. So, hopefully the look and feel of the characters, and especially this awesome dragon, will remain similar. Time will tell.

The White Dragon from Thundar

In the meantime, I will also continue working on my new project. It is a YA novel titled Max Ammo: Dead Planet. I will tell everyone more about this at a later date.

Zombies, anyone?


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