Thundar the Mighty May not be My Only Book on the Publishing Radar

Within the last couple of months I signed on with Nevermore Press for them to publish my children’s early chapter book, part of an ongoing series, Thundar the Mighty. Thundar the Mighty is tentatively set to be released on January 24th, 2014.

Turns out, that may not be the only book being published by Nevermore Press. They are interested in three more of my picture books: What if a Whale Swallowed my Family, The Sasquatch Named Larry, and The Luckiest Crumbin.

Here’s a short sample from The Luckiest Crumbin. This is not from the beginning, nor the end. Just a random spot:

Lucky ole Perwinkle,

with a bright eyed twinkle,

said, “I’m the luckiest crumbin

this side of West Hinkle.”


“I don’t tumble or fumble

and my cakes never crumble.”


“I can balance these bowls

right out of my bed.”

Perwinkle said,

with three bowls on top of his head.


“I can walk through a ladder

with a baby tigabadder.

No bad luck befalls me,

I’m the luckiest crumbin

this side of the sea.”


For those who may not know,

whose brains will not show,

a tigabadder is like a little cat

but fatter with a hat

and when happy their fur is aglow.


But Perwinkle the lucky

would not be lucky for long.

For on the other side of town

was hapless Skinnidoo,

the saddest crumbin to frown.


Hapless Skinnidoo

could do no right.

He could trip and fall

all day, all night.


His socks would not match.


His shoes never tied.


His luck would not come,

even when he cried.

Hopefully I’ll have some more news on that front soon and as soon as I get some artwork for Thundar, I’ll be sure to post that as well.


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