1st Ever Kindred Poetry Challenge

It’s time for the 1st ever Kindred Poetry Challenge!
This is an Instagram exclusive. Here’s how this is going to work: I’ll list the challenge, then you write it, post it, tag me and follow me on Instagram. I will randomly select 1 entry to be reposted and shared across all of my social media, which includes instagram, twitter, and my facebook author page. I will also post the winning poem here, on my author blog. That’s thousands of eyeballs on your work; lots of free exposure. Don’t forget, you MUST follow me and tag me on Instagram in the post to be eligible. Challenge ends at 7 pm central time, this Saturday. Good luck and have fun!

The Kindred Poetry Challenge (#kpc):

Type: Free Verse – no rules on style, etc.
Length: No more than 20 lines
Subject: “Lost at sea” – You don’t have to take this literally. Feel free to be imaginative. This is poetry, after all.
That’s it. Tag, follow me, and share the challenge! Enjoy!

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