Night Shall Fall

Night shall fall
and day shall pass,
but this heart,
it will not waver.
I’ve made a choice
to hear your voice
and it is that
I wish to savor.

Crashing waves
will tease the shore,
salty castles
kept from drying.
Those tides will come,
then leave again,
but my truth
will be undying.

My heart lost hope
not long ago
and decayed
within a tomb.
Then through a crack
hope came back-
Oh, how quickly
faith can bloom.

Stars will shine,
then go away
and leave a void
where once was light.
But birds will sing
and wind will bring
the melody
all through the night.

The sun shall rise
and clouds will form
giving way
to peaceful rain…
And night shall fall
and day shall pass,
but my love
will still remain.

© Jason JG Carnrike 2010

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