Poetry Master Series: How to Write a Heroic Quatrain

How to Write a Heroic or Elegiac Quatrain

As the above image suggests, a Heroic (or Elegiac) Quatrain is any poem written using four line stanzas usually with a rhyme scheme of ABAB, and written in iambic pentameter.
Easy enough, right?

So what is iambic pentameter, then?

Iambic pentameter basically refers to the beat or meter of a line. An iamb is a set of two syllables (also called feet), the first unstressed, followed by stressed. So out loud, the beat of the syllables in each line would sound like this: “tum-TUM tum-TUM tum-TUM tum-TUM tum-TUM”, which equals ten total syllables per line (pentameter). It sounds almost like a heart beat. Each “tum-TUM” is an iamb; pentameter means there are 5 iambs per line, totaling 10 syllables.
Here’s a decent video explanation:

For more information or examples on iambic pentameter, click here (or put google to task).
And finally, here’s an example of one of my own heroic quatrain poems:

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