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Thundar the Mighty Timid

I finally finished the first draft of my new children’s book, Thundar the Mighty.

Thundar the Mighty is a children’s book about a great barbarian king named Thundar. He became king of Astoria at the young age of eleven. As he grew as a child-king, he defended the land through many tribulations, such as war, droughts, and even an old, treacherous witch, hungry for power. Facing so much turmoil, from such a young age seemed to take its toll; Thundar developed multiple personalities. One day, he could be Thundar the Mighty, great king of Astoria, then he could wake the next day as Thundar the Arachnophobic and be deathly afraid of spiders.

Thundar’s servants, lead by his steward, Grizzby, managed his condition quite well. They were ready for nearly any situation. Until the frightening silhouette of a dragon appeared atop the hill of Nema, on the morning when their king woke as Thundar the Timid. How could a king who is afraid of everything defend his kingdom from a dragon?

Thundar the Mighty is intended to be an ongoing series in which Thundar displays a different personality for each book. Thundar, with a little help from his friends, must not only overcome his quirky personality, but he must do so in the face of unique challenges and cut-throat enemies.

Thundar the Mighty and above written content © 2013 Jason JG Carnrike

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