The R.U.M.P. Chronicles is a fantasy chapter book series about a young barbarian king named Thundar. Thundar is afflicted with  Really Unpredictable Multiple Personality disorder; what his people jokingly call R.U.M.P. disorder. Our hapless king must learn to overcome his condition while protecting his kingdom from the usual threats; massive white dragons, sand ghosts, and of course, the Crimson Witch.

Children's Chapter Books

For details on each of the books in the series, check these out:

Book One: Thundar the Timid

Book Two: Thundar the Delicate

Book Three: Thundar the Wicked

And for past updates on the R.U.M.P. Chronicles, check out the following links:

New Poems and Artwork

New Poems and Artwork

Life has been busy of late and this website has, sadly, been neglected a bit. I’m much more active on...

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