This book is written and coming Soon by Nevermore Press


Thundar was a mighty king. He ruled the kingdom of Astoria with honor, strength and compassion…Oh, and sometimes with fear. The good king Thundar was not only mighty, but he could sometimes be depressed or angry or even frightened. He suffered from what his people jokingly called R.U.M.P. disorder; short for Really Unpredictable Multiple Personality disorder. Sometimes, this caused him to wake with a different, often funny personality trait. His subjects and servants never knew who Thundar would be on each morning; Thundar the Mighty? Or maybe Thundar the Delicate? Or perhaps Thundar, the king who was afraid of everything?

In Thundar the Timid, that’s exactly what they got; a king who was scared of nearly everything. This became and even larger problem when the kingdom of Astoria was confronted with an imposing white dragon. Will Thundar overcome his fears and protect the land from the white dragon?

If I told you that, you wouldn’t buy the book!

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