7 Fun And Useful Must-Have Apps For Writers

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Writers, whether you’re a technology nerd or you prefer a good old-fashioned notebook, the Internet offers plenty of writing tools and applications to make your life easier. Writer’s Relief has checked out seven great apps that are perfect for writers—and most of them are free!

The Best Apps For Writers

Agent Obvious: Wouldn’t it be great to have a pithy, brutally honest publishing professional hanging out to answer questions and offer tips? Agent Obvious is a searchable database of advice, based on the original “Agent Obvious Tip of the Day” on literary agent Laurie Abkemeier’s Twitter feed. The app is helpful and encouraging—and it’s also hilarious.

Diaro: This advanced diary application can also be used for notes and organizing thoughts. Your diary will be portable, password protected, and secure—and you can even attach photos to your entries and share them on social media!

Index Cards: Remember using index cards to outline papers and reports in school? Now the nifty little cards are electronic! This corkboard writing app is perfect for organizing ideas for novels, plays, and research projects.

Lists for Writers: A dream come true for creative writers, this app has lists of everything you need to help populate your written world. You’ll find lists of names, phobias, occupations, action verbs, colors, and even character traits to get your creative juices flowing.

Merriam-Webster: Hands down, this is America’s most useful and respected dictionary for English language reference. The Merriam-Webster app makes it easy and fun to build your vocabulary with word games; you can take quizzes, find quick definitions on the go, and even hear how to pronounce words by real people, not robots!

OmmWriter: Here’ s “your own private writing room where you can close the door behind you to focus on your writing in peace.” Choose soothing backgrounds and audio tracks to create just the right mood, and allow yourself to truly focus on nothing but writing.

ProWritingAid: While no program can take the place of a skilled proofreader or editor, ProWritingAid comes pretty close. This editing app provides spellcheck, grammar checking, plagiarism checking, and thousands of style suggestions to improve your craft.

Question: What’s your  favorite app for writers? Share in our comments section!

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