Great Ideas For Creating A Stress-Free Personal Writing Space

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Authors want writing spaces that match their personal styles, suit their writing preferences, and provide inspiration. But a quick glance through popular decorating magazines or Pinterest boards dedicated to the ultimate writing spaces might leave you intimidated—you don’t have a huge budget or an entire floor of your home to dedicate to your writing! However, in order to focus on your craft, it’s important to have a writing space to call your own, no matter how small.

Ideas for creating a writing space that’s a stress-free sanctuary:

Transform a spare room or a guest room in your home into a private haven for your writing. What writer wouldn’t be inspired by a wonderful wall of books?

If you have a comfortable attic—or an attic you can make comfortable—go for it! Consider using colors that help the mind relax and focus: Blues reduce tension, while greens can be visually soothing.

Short on spare space? Carve out a corner for yourself in the den, living room, or your bedroom—and make sure to carve out “no interruptions” time as well—let the other folks in the house know that when you’re writing, you’re off limits.

If possible, choose a spot near a window; preferably to the front or side of your writing desk. Natural lighting helps you relax and concentrate when you’re writing for hours at a time.

Keep your writing space uncluttered—allow only the essentials! Remember, the whole idea of having a dedicated writing space is so you won’t be distracted.

Having the right ambiance is essential. The right music can help you get in the “write” mood. And pleasant scents from potpourri, oils, or candles can help you beat writer’s block and even boost your productivity: For example, the scent of lemons promotes concentration and has a calming effect. Other aromas that help you relax and inspire creativity include lavender, cinnamon, and (yes!) chocolate.

Writing can sometimes be frustrating, and it’s even more difficult when the time you try to spend writing is interrupted by the distractions of everyday life. But keep in mind: You deserve the space and time you need to focus on your writing!

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